Learning that we are neither freaks nor hypochondriacs is a great relief for us. A new era has begun in my life. I am simply overwhelmed by the opportunity to move around almost without any restrictions and there is no need to apologize. Our current safety had to be fought dearly.”

(Excerpts from patient diaries)


20 to 22 May 2011 // 7th C1-INH Deficiency Workshop – Budapest, Hungary
Information on this conference is available from the start page, as well as on the following website: http://www.haenet2011.hu

29 October 2010 // 15th HAE Club Meeting
The agenda of this unceremonious meeting comprised hearing the reports by the leaders of the patients’ organization and by dr. med. habil Henrietta Farkas MD, PhD, as well as discussions on issues of interest to HAE patients (including the launch of new medicinal products on the Hungarian market and organisational matters of the HAE Patient’s Organisation).


22 - 24 May 2009 // 6th C1-INH Deficiency Workshop
Abstract book, and closing remarks on the 5th international conference on disorders related to C1-INH deficiency is available.

31 May – 3 June 2007 // 5th C1-INH Deficiency Workshop
Information on the 5th international conference on disorders related to C1-INH deficiency is available from the main page.

16-18 November 2006 // Tirgu Mures, Romania
The program of the training course organized at the Tirgu Mures Medical School by DUMITRU MOLDOVAN for graduates and postgraduates was complemented by the following authors and lectures:
Henriette Farkas: Pathomechanism, clinical picture and diagnosis of angioedema
Lilian Varga: The complement system
György Temesszentandrási: Vasculitis

3 November 2006 // Budapest, Hungary
The 11th HANO Club was a remarkably jolly event.
HENRIETTE FARKAS MD summarized the events of the passing year and interim results of ongoing clinical studies. Head Nurse MS JUDIT VARGA appraised the questionnaires designed to explore the lifestyle of patients. BEÁTA VISY MD discussed the role of Helicobacter pylori infection and interpreted the results of the international study into this subject. MS ARIANNA KITZINGER outlined the situation of the patients’ self-help organization.

20-27 October 2006 // Beijing, China
For the first time in Chinese history, the 1st HANO Minisymposium was organized with no little effort invested by principal organizer ZHI YUXIANG, allergologist ( HYPERLINK "mailto:zhiyuxiang@yahoo.com.cn" zhiyuxiang@yahoo.com.cn).
The following delegates of the parent organization lectured at the event: HENRIETTE FARKAS (History and clinical picture of HAE), LILAN VARGA (HAENETWORK project), PROF. GEORGE FÜST (Helicobacter pylori infection as a triggering factor of attacks in patients with HAE), and GÁBOR SZÉPLAKI (Laboratory diagnosis of HAE).

16-18 October 2006 // Gargnano, Italy
PROF. GEORGE FÜST reported the results of the international multicenter study of Helicobacter pylori and discussed the role of C4 gene polymorphism as a determinant of disease severity.

5-7 October 2006 // Budapest, Hungary
4th Training Course of HAENETWORK Project
Continuing education was organized within the HAENETWORK Program for the fourth occasion. The main agenda of the event participated by 9 professionals invited from 4 countries (Bulgaria, Macedonia, Romania, and Ukraine) was to establish multilateral co-operation between the partners in research and training.
Delegates from several pharma companies active in the development of medicinal treatments for HANE attended the event as observers.

9-14 June 2006 // Vienna, Austria
Our research achievements were reported at the 25th Congress of the European Academy of Allergy & Clinical Immunology. An exhibition on Hungary and the MAKIT was presented to the delegates within the framework of the ‘National Village’ program.
The jury awarded a prize to HENRIETTE FARKAS for the poster titled “The HAE Network Project”.
GÁBOR SZÉPLAKI read a lecture titled: “The role of different activation pathways of complement in hereditary angioedema”.

25-27 May 2006 // Gyula, Hungary
The following colleagues reported on the research activities of our team in a proprietary HANO Session of 34th Congress of the Hungarian Society of Allergology & Clinical Immunology:
Henriette Farkas: Novel therapeutic options in hereditary angioneurotic edema and beyond
Réka Felvinci: Study of a sibling pair with hereditary angioneurotic edema
Gábor Széplaki: Report of a case of acquired C1-inhibitor deficiency of multiple etiologies – an overlap of Types I and II
Beáta Visy: The effects of Helicobacter pylori infection on edematous attacks occurring in patients with hereditary angioneurotic edema

24-26 March 2006 // Cluj, Romania
At the HAE Minisymposium organized as a satellite event to the Annual Congress of the Romanian Society of Allergology & Clinical Immunology, HENRIETTE FARKAS read the lecture titled “Pathomechanism, clinical pictures and diagnosis of hereditary angioedema”, whereas LILIAN VARGA presented the HAENETWORK Program.

27. 01. 2006. // 3rd HAENET course
The next (third) clinical and laboratory training will be held between 8 and 10 March 2006 in Budapest. Foreign participants from Romania and Serbia-Montenegro will attend the course.

29. 10. 2005. // HAENET course
The clinical and laboratory training was held between 26 and 29 October 2005. Foreign participants from Bulgaria and Macedonia attended the course.

25.10.2005.// A visit to Novi-Sad
The experts of the Hungarian HAE Center visited Novi-Sad between 21 and 23 October 2005. Henriette Farkas and Lilian Varga attended the Serbian National Conference of Oto-Rhino-Laryngology to lecture on HAE and on the HAENET program. A monography on HAE written together with Serbian colleagues was published at the conference. Vice president of Vojvodina’s Pairlament Branislava Belic met HAE experts at a press conference and offered them her help in the cooperation.

21. 09. 2005. // A visit to Bucharest
The experts of the Hungarian HAE Center visited Bucharest on 21 September 2005. Henriette Farkas and Lilian Varga and Marco Cicardi from Milan attended the National Conference of Rumanian Allergologists and Immunologists to lecture on HAE and on the HAENET program. Aided by Dimitru Moldovan and colleagues, our delegates entered into negotiations on establishing a Rumanian HAE center.

12. 05. 2005. // 5th C1-INH Deficiency Workshop
The fifth workshop on disorders related to C1-inhibitor deficiency shall be held in 2007, in Hungary. The exact date and location of the event have not yet been determined.

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