Learning that we are neither freaks nor hypochondriacs is a great relief for us. A new era has begun in my life. I am simply overwhelmed by the opportunity to move around almost without any restrictions and there is no need to apologize. Our current safety had to be fought dearly.”

(Excerpts from patient diaries)

Hungarian HAE Center

> Angioedema Outpatient Clinic
> Complement laboratory
> Acute care of adults
> Acute care of pediatric patients
> Genetics Laboratory
> HAE patients’ organization

Angioedema Outpatient Clinic
Semmelweis University, 3rd Department of Internal Medicine
Chair: Prof. István Karádi MD, PhD DSc
Location: Outpatient Facility of Kútvölgyi Clinical Center, 2nd floor, Suite 211.
Address: H-1125 Budapest, Kútvölgyi út 4., Hungary
Tel: +36 1 325-1279
Head of the Outpatient Clinic: Dr. med. habil. Henriette Farkas, PhD,
e-mail: farkash@kut.sote.hu
Clinical assistant: Miss Judit Bali

The Outpatient Clinic undertakes screening for HAE patients, clinical survey of the population of HAE patients in Hungary, accumulation and continuous maintenance of patient data (HAE Registry). Further responsibilities of this unit include: development of a clinical algorithm for diagnostic work-up; introducing novel diagnostic methods; compiling guidelines on the therapy of HAE patients; organizing follow-up as well as acute care. Patient care focusing on the safety of patients (through the provision of life-saving drugs for home use, a multi-language info-card on the essentials of emergency management, and operating a round-the-clock telephone hotline).

Complement Laboratory
Semmelweis University, 3rd Department of Internal Medicine, Research Laboratory
Head: Zoltán Prohászka MD, PhD, DSc
Location: Outpatient Facility of Kútvölgyi Clinical Center, 3rd floor, Research Laboratory
Address: H-1125 Budapest Kútvölgyi út 4., Hungary
Tel: +36 1 325 1481, +36 1 325 1211
Head of the Complement Laboratory: Lilian Varga MD, PhD
e-mail: lvarga@kut.sote.hu
Clinical assistants: Mrs. A. Dóczy

The complement laboratory undertakes diagnosis of various abnromalities of the complement system. Analyzing blood samples obtained from the clients of the Angioedema Outpatient Clinic, as well as from patients with angioedema of unknown etiology identified throughout Hungary is of outstanding importance. It is responsible for the laboratory diagnosis of HAE. Its further assignments include the research and improvement of relevant methods of laboratory diagnosis.

Acute care of adults
Semmelweis University, 3rd Department of Internal Medicine
Chair: Prof. István Karádi MD, PhD, DSc
Address: H-1125 Budapest Kútvölgyi út 4., Hungary
Tel: +36 1 325 1178
Attending physicians: László Jakab MD, György Temesszentandrási MD, Katalin Molnár MD

These facilities are responsible for the clinical work-up and emergency treatment of adult HAE patients.

Acute care of pediatric patients
‘Madarász street’ Pediatric Hospital of Budapest Municipal Health Authority
Director: Prof. György Harmat MD, PhD
Address: H-1131 Budapest Madarász utca 22-24.
Tel: +36 1 450 3700
Attending physician: Beáta Visy MD, János Fejes MD

This hospital undertakes clinical work-up and emergency treatment of HAE patients under 18 years of age.

Molecular Genetics Laboratory
National Blood Supply Service
Director: Dr. Eszter Miskovits PhD
Molecular Diagnostics Laboratory
Head of Laboratory: Dr. Attila Tordai, PhD.
Address: H-1113 Budapest, Karolina út 19-21., Hungary
Tel: +36 1 4665 877, +36 1 372 4449

The Molecular Biology Laboratory is responsible for DNA-testing of HAE patients, as well as for the maintenance of the European HAE Genetics Registry. (http://hae.enzim.hu).

HAE Patients’ Organization

Hungarian Association of Angioedema Patients

Chair: Mr. István Nagy
E-mail: nagyistvan@inotal.hu


Academic & Professional Co-chair: Dr. med. habil. Henriette Farkas MD, PhD
Secretary: Mr. Zoltán Maros
Board of Trustees: Ms. Arianna Kitzinger, Ms. Tímea Lendvai, Mr. János Kun-Szabó

The mission of this Association established to uphold the interests of HAE patients includes the following: health maintenance; disease prevention; social activities; promotion of contacts between patients; organization of training courses; meetings for sharing experience; dissemination of pertinent knowledge; making contacts and maintaining relations with similar patients’ organizations, professional bodies and competent authorities; co-operation with clinical centers involved in the treatment of HAE patients; support of research and clinical application of treatments both in Hungary and internationally.

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